listen, if you can help my friend, please do. they’re, and i have known them for about eight years. they’re one of my closest friends, and they do not deserve the hardships they have gone through.

i hope all of you can have a lovely weekend.

shabam let’s do another one




so i’m probably already in danger of losing my job. i’ve called out sick twice now (because i literally couldnt get out of bed, i have super icky symptoms right now) and management’s ~displeased~ but whatever i can’t help that i’m getting sick

we DID get the loan! that was great! we start paying it back next month. my student loan’s just gone off deferment so i need to start paying that back. i just got the $80 medical bill from my last doctor’s appointment and a couple days ago had to pay $100 out of pocket for my roommate to go to the clinic because the insurance here in kentucky hates everyone

oh and yeah, my mom currently can’t afford her insulin, and i’ve been the one buying her syringes and test strips.

so we’re… a little bit in danger, like all of us, and i’ve tried getting with aunt carol to see if she’d help but you all know how evasive she is.

i’d appreciate any donations via paypal to, or if you have a smartphone/tablet you can use my referral link for featurepoints to help me earn a little money that way

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[10:48:57 PM] rusaalke: im just here hardly able to manage my life at all
[10:49:09 PM] rusaalke: we did our laundry in the bathtub today bc we couldnt afford to use the machines
[10:49:19 PM] rusaalke: we ran out of garbage bags
[10:49:31 PM] rusaalke: for some reason the state cancelled ryann’s food stamps
[10:49:41 PM] rusaalke: and mine are going to drop soon when i report my wages
[10:50:58 PM] rusaalke: and i got the notice that i wasnt approved for disability
[10:51:11 PM] rusaalke: and im probably not going to be eligible for medicaid
[10:51:18 PM] rusaalke: and everything is. bad.
[10:53:09 PM] rusaalke: no one around us cares about us, and those that do can’t do anything.
[10:53:48 PM] rusaalke: mom can’t afford her insulin right now. she’s using expired stuff that was grandma’s. i called carol and told her this and everything else and she didn’t offer us a fucking penny.

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from waking up to going to bed, yesterday was absolutely awful

but hey i’m solid garbage so does it really matter

well i guess i should’ve known better than to expect people to understand

what i love

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why do people get so passionate about pluto

how does its classification as a planet have anything to do with you at all

bc it’s a poor small cute planet that has always been bullied by the other big and bright planets. We all have felt sadness for it, and now somebody tells us it’s not a planet anymore???!

why are you assigning emotions to a space rock

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people who ply video games for fun fucking disgust me I play for 2 reasons

  • to get mad
  • to win

any other reason and you are scum casuals

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